Watch “Eddie Izzard-Stoned Olympics” on YouTube

Watch “Eddie Izzard-Stoned Olympics” on YouTube

SPF: Plotting never works

SPF: Plotting never works

216 11 November 5th 2017

As we were starting a new family, we wanted everything to be traditional. We were wrapped up in all our winter stuff as we plodded along the road to the local firework display. New to the area, we had no idea whether this was going to be any good or not. But you can’t really experience bonfire night without going to some kind of display.

Well, I suppose you could put on a display yourself but that would involve lots of work and some kind of knowledge of gunpowder. I have no knowledge of anything like that and so I thought it was probably best left to the experts.

Before we left, jacket potatoes were placed inside the oven so that we had a hot meal waiting for us.

Everything was planned out.

Heading off into the darkness we made our way towards the display. It was crowded so we knew we were in for a good show. The bonfire was lit and it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. It was a replication of Pudding Lane where the Great Fire of London had started.

Only then did I realise the camera was sitting in the kitchen.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

This bonfire really happened! It was our local village display at Barnwell Northamptonshire.

FFfAW: A promise

FFfAW: A promise

This week’s photo prompt is provided by yarnspinnerr. Thank you yarnspinnerr!

Endless people came to visit me. Trudging through the woods in order to get a glimpse of what I once was.

A once proud tree had been burnt to the ground because of the suspicion that the Headless Horseman was housed within it. What remained always missed the feel of the wind rushing through its leaves as it weaved away through the canopy above it to get sunlight.

That sunlight never touched me now. I would never again feel the warmth that once gave me the strength to carry out my work.

They hadn’t killed me.

I’d return for them.

Word count: 100 words

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers

SPF: A reminder

SPF: A reminder

16 J Hardy Carroll 29 October 2017© J Hardy Carroll

I can’t really tell you why it’s there. I suppose I just wanted something to remind me of the child I once had. Back in the days when my little boy decided to torment his younger sister by mutilating her dolls. He dropped off the heads and scattered them around.

I think all of the neighbours heard her scream when she discovered it.

Stepping into the role of parent I rushed to console her. Their evidence of the mutilation was completely removed and I found replacements for those dolls.

As for him, well, not much you could effectively say to him about that. Naturally, he was told that this was the wrong thing to do and he was grounded for a month. All of his phone, Internet, and game privileges were removed for that time.

At the time, we thought it was quite a harsh punishment. Looking back, maybe the whole thing was not punishment enough because in later years the mutilation moved on from dolls to real people.

This is the reason people think my shelf is kind of macabre acceptance of his crimes. It is just a reminder I did something right. At least my child was diverse.

Written for Sunday photo fiction