200 word story: Escapology


Officer Reynolds thought that maybe they were being overcautious when he noticed that they had put 12 handcuffs on, Willow, who they were arresting.

The second arresting officer followed his gaze and smirked. “Trust me, in a moment, you will realise just why we put so many restraints on this girl.”

He really couldn’t understand it because the girl looked so calm. “I will take her out to the car.” Officer Reynolds grabbed the girl by the elbow and led her outside. “Have a seat in there, I will be with you in the moment.”

When you went back inside the other officer, Daniels looked at him in horror. “You have left her outside? On her own?”

“Only for a moment.”

“This is Willow Ziante, the famous escape artist!”

Officer Reynolds felt himself growing pale. “I had no idea. You should have told me that.”

“Well, maybe.” Daniels started to run out of the building, dragging Reynolds behind him. “Hopefully, we will be in time to catch up before she… Shit!”

As they approached the card they realised that it was empty. Reynolds was impressed by the fact the handcuffs had been arranged neatly on the roof of the vehicle. ForbesForbes


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