Friday fictioneers: The purchase



Victor nearly choked on his dinner. “You did what?”

His wife dropped her napkin on the table and gave him an indulgent smile. “You know exactly what I just told you, darling.”

He could not help but laugh. “Well… Yes. However, my real reason for asking would be why not what. I mean, why would you want to buy that particular land? Sylvia, it is simply waste ground. Nothing can be done there.”

She looked down at the picture. “You really don’t see the beauty?” He shook his head.

Sylvia turned away. “I will never understand why I married you!”

Written for Friday fictioneers


16 thoughts on “Friday fictioneers: The purchase

  1. Communication… I would think the husband would be pissed that she spent their money without consulting first… then again, if he is rich and it matters not… Still.

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