200 word story: Dreams


I never followed my dreams, I wanted to be so much more than a stay-at-home mother. I was going to be a doctor, consultant maybe, you know, somebody who was going to make a real difference in somebody’s life. For the better. I had printed off an application form from the Open University, there would be no putting it off any longer, I was going to get this medical degree.

“Mummy, are you going to help me with my costume for my schools dress as a character from a book day next week? I am thinking that I want to go as Mother Teresa, from the book that you read us.”

“Sweetie, I think they mean fictional characters.”

“I know, but she means so much to you, so that makes her my hero.”

I smiled at my daughter, and then it suddenly hit me. I was already doing something that made a difference in somebody’s life. My daughter, Samantha. It was right then that I realised, I had been following my dreams all along. Just in a completely different way from what I had imagined.

My own mother was right when she told me, ‘regret is a waste of time’.


13 thoughts on “200 word story: Dreams

  1. This is a wonderful carefully crafted story. I see the mother’s thought process as she sees she didn’t complete the dreams she saw for herself. But I’m happy she sees her daughter is a bigger dream than any of those things she had in mind of doing. Yes, I agree regret is a waste of time.

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