I just thought that I would prove that it exists 🙂

Anyway, please ignore any very strange words in here as I have not had time to go through it. I just quite like this chapter, and so I thought that I would share it. Let me know what you think about the whole thing 🙂

I have also cut it, because the whole thing was too long to put in one blog post… I don’t think anyone would have made it the end of the chapter!

– –


His smile seemed to contain genuine amusement. “I find it hard to believe that you would just leave him here. With me.”

“If you will not take me to him, then I will believe one of two things. Firstly, that Jordan is simply not here, but in some other location of your own choosing. Of the second, which is, that he is already dead. In either case, there would be no point in me remaining here. I need to make one thing clear to you, Warren. I am simply here because I believe in trying to help out Jordan, and there is no reason that you would be part of my reason for returning.”

“Really?” Warren tented his fingers on the small table that was between the two of them. “I would beg to differ on that one, Alice. You see, part of you will still want me, because, that is the idea that has been planted so deeply in your mind. There is no escape from your own mind, no matter what you believe in.”

Alice opened her mouth to argue with him, but before she could even speak he reached over to push a finger against her lips.

“That is neither here nor there. Your powers are growing, Alice, and you definitely need somebody who is going to teach you how to use them. It is not something that you are able to learn by yourself. Before you say it, I know all about that Marcus that has been teaching you. The thing is, Alice he is not a Walker, so he will not be able to teach you everything that you need to know. Not only that, but he is a Guardian, a natural enemy of ours, and so I would not be surprised if he is teaching you everything that would land you in some serious hot water at some point in the future.”

She shook her head. “Marcus would not do that. He has explained to me so many times that our two types are not enemies, but can easily work together.”

“Then why would you say that his sole point of existence is to undo any work that we do? While you think about that, try this one, how many examples did you manage to give you of us working together? I am guessing none, because I can tell you, Alice, this simply never happens.”

There was no answer that Alice could give to those questions. So, she sat silently while she tried to meet those eyes with some form of defiance in her own. In reality, though, she was actually starting to doubt everything that Marcus had told her. Even though she did not like to admit it, everything that Warren had said about the reason that Guardians existed was true. Come to think about it, no examples had ever been given of the two powers combining, except for in the use of channelling. That probably wasn’t the best example to use, as she was well aware that that had not end well for Guardians. Now she was left wondering if the two sides could really work together.

“Anyway, that pet of yours is definitely here. He is alive, as well, although, there is no guarantee how long he will be alive for. It is probably a good job that you came back when you did. I am quite prepared to take you to go and see him, but, as you may have guessed, you will not be allowed to touch him or really converse. The reason you are there is to prove to you that he is waiting.”



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    1. Typical. My notifications did not show me that you had replied to my comment, but what you said is fair enough, because it is far from polished 🙂 I know it is a bit repetitive, so that is something that I will be working on 🙂

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