Eternal traces –Shonda Brook


Eternal traces is the first book in the series describing a woman who is in fact a reincarnation of a Queen that lived in ancient Egypt. It also happens to be a paranormal romance, so I expected to really enjoyed this book.

The central character is called Meryt who is a cardiologist in a hospital. She also moonlights as some kind of military expert who is basically proven to be a good killer. It is somewhere in her nature that she goes into attack mode and is able to really harm another person before they have properly reacted. Interestingly, this does not seem to cause her any repercussions on her life as a doctor.

She is introduced to 2 doctors who she is asked to show around. One is called Fitz, and she ends up working with him with an experiment using synthetic blood. The other is called Rene and her attraction to him is instantaneous.

The story is interspersed with sections from the past which allow you to piece the story together. You find out that Rene is also a reincarnation although he seems to show no recollection of that. You later find out that he is not what he seems, and is, in fact, a dark angel. (This is roughly a vampire)

It is only when she enters the coven that she starts to find any consequences for her actions.

It is a very well written book, and I would actually recommend it to anyone that would like to read paranormal romance, or have some kind of interest in the history of Egypt.

I have actually given this four out of five stars. I would have given it five, except for the fact that there seemed to be quite a bit of head hopping within the text. That is to say, it would be told from one point of view, there may be a paragraph or more written from somebody else’s point of view without a break in the text. Then it will go straight back to the other ones point of view which kind of left you confused.

Aside from that, this was a very enjoyable book and I am sure that I will be looking for the next in the series.


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