Sorry… But, without regret.

This is just a short piece of fiction that came to mind when I saw the following prompt:


(Not that I am missing Monday finish the story at all.)

Mind you, my story is probably a bit long for that, although I am guessing I could cut one of the paragraphs and make it shorter if I felt like it. I think it probably needs the extra words, what do you think?

If you want to give this a go, feel free, just drop me a ping back or a comment to let me know you have joined in 🙂

So, without further ado…

– –

No one was sorry to see him die, except me. This was especially odd because I was the one that killed him. I am well aware that this does not really make sense, but, that is the honest truth. You see, I was sorry to see him die because it spelt the end of my fun. You see, the torture was the part that I was enjoying; it gave me a sense of justice having spent years watching him torture other people. Yes, he did not torture them in a physical sense, but that did not make their pain any less real. Now, finally, the tyrant was gone from their lives and everybody could move on. Nobody was going to come after me, I was very sure that, because nobody was going to miss the man that left everybody quaking in some kind of terror. Well, they were going to notice that he was not there, but, they were certainly not going to question this sudden change in fortune. His personal assistant, me, was going to get away with murder. I could only hope that his successor was going to be kinder. Maybe then, my urge to kill would not resurface. I filed my nails, dropped the body into the river, and went back to the office like nothing had ever happened.


Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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