Reindeer games


I thought that I would give a flash fiction challenge a go. This one has a Christmas feel to it.

Yes, this is me being festive!

I am going to make you read the actual post to find out what I am doing! (I am evil sometimes!) All I going to tell you is that I got scene 4, and keyword 7 πŸ™‚

Anyway, this is the story that I have come up with! I hope you enjoy it!

– –

My name is Star, and I am one of the reindeer. No, I am not Rudolf. Everybody knows who Rudolf is, and the first question that I get asked is, do you know Rudolf? Well, of course I do because he is one of the team. So am I though, and I don’t see why I am any less important than the one with the shiny nose. Essentially, he only became important when we needed him. If it had not been foggy on the year, then nobody would ever have heard of Rudolf.

Life would have been so much better.

This year was different. Apparently, this was my year that I was going to be picked on by all of the reindeer. There was nothing different about me, essentially, so I decided that I was never going to be of any use to Santa. Nobody was ever going to know about the reindeer called Star. Deep down I was well aware that there was never going to be a Christmas Carol written with me in mind. I was not going to be the picked on reindeer that was given the chance to shine.

Rudolf, always Rudolf.

So, I just sat down and went on strike for the night. The move made me a really unpopular reindeer, with all the others just glaring at me. I just closed my eyes and tried to ignore them all huffing out a breath in annoyance.

The big man in red arrived and asked them all what was going on. They explain that I was on strike that night. I really thought that he was going to come over to convince me to fly, but, instead, he merely shrugged and instructed the others to fly in a team of eleven, rather than twelve.

They actually left me behind.

Merry Christmas, Star!

I put my head down on the snow, and sulked. A


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