Things I am thankful for… 12 December 2015

Okay, I thought I would try a Wednesday and give everyone a bit of mid week positivity 🙂

So, here is my list of five things:

  1. Writing. Even though I was nowhere near my goal for NaNoWriMo, or even my usual monthly target, a still managed to get a fair bit done. My work in progress is finally crept over 70,000 words, and I am happy with the progress that it has been making. I look forward to be able to sharing excerpts with you all.
  2. Friends. There are always times when you look back on certain people and realise just how important they were in your lives. I appreciate every single one that has crossed my path in any way.
  3. Followers. I have gained so many followers, on WordPress, on Facebook, on Twitter, and even on LinkedIn. Words cannot begin to convey just how much each one means, because it is a sign that people are actually reading my stuff, and that means everything to me. I would hope that they are enjoying it, because why else would they start following?
  4. Family. I appreciate my family, even if they are the things that tend to get between me and my writing! You never know, one day they might learn that a little bit of time to myself is just what they need in order to get the writing done.
  5. The Swype keyboard that exists on the Galaxy phone/tablet. It is absolutely amazing, and I wish that Apple would have been able to start using it. If they did I might not have felt the urge to change 🙂



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