Those flowers…

This is my entry into this week’s flash fiction for aspiring writers.

The picture that we were given this week was a very interesting one that could generate some really interesting stories. I actually looking forward to reading all of them that appear on this link.

Anyway, the picture was:


This is my entry, enjoy it 🙂

– –

Lucy found herself spinning round in absolute amazement. She was staring at the beauty that was suddenly surrounding her. Nothing could’ve prepared her for the swirling colours that seemed to form in front of her. The tall purple dandelion like structures swayed softly in the breeze, and Lucy was almost afraid to reach out her hand and touch them, in case it broke the spell that seemed to be blurring her vision.

Alan was sitting on the bank, watching his girlfriend open her mind. He smiled lazily as he correctly guessed what she wanted to do. “Go ahead and touch, you are quite safe.”

Tentatively, Lucy reached out to touch one of the plants. The electricity shot through her body, and suddenly she saw what was really there. Electricity pylons.

The effect of the magic mushrooms had been more intense than she ever expected.


20 thoughts on “Those flowers…

  1. I’m thinking that Lucy probably ought to find herself a new boyfriend – electricity pylons are not ‘quite safe’, though at least she didn’t do anything too foolish, like climb them! A great, trippy story, Angie 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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