Here is my list of five things for the week:

  1. It is NaNoWriMo time again, and my life is the usual shit storm of events that happens when I tried to do some writing. However, I have managed to earn a badge when I reached 5000 words, so I am quite happy with that even though it is nowhere near the target for the first week!
  2. I am actually creeping up on 250 people reading my blog (the actual figure is 247). I am absolutely amazed that anyone is reading my work, commenting, or just generally being there. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  3. I am aware that I did not do a list last week, so many of you do not know how much I actually enjoy this holiday. This year I actually had more trick-or-treaters than I have ever had before, so I was extremely impressed 🙂 Not only that, but their costumes were absolutely amazing.
  4. Yes, I have actually booked to go to the Norwegian fjords on a boat for two weeks in February. I am actually going to get to see the Northern lights (in theory!) Which is definitely something that is on my bucket list.
  5. Firework night. I went to an absolutely amazing display locally, who decided that their bonfire was going to be Tower Bridge. It was very well built, and it must have been gutting for the people that built it when it was reduced to a pile of smouldering pallets.

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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