Broken dreams

This is my response to my very own challenge Writing to music. This is the second piece that I have written, because my computer thought it would be absolutely hilarious to completely lose the first one!

Anyway, here goes:

– –

As he walked back towards town, the man in the black coat had to smile to himself because when he had first walked away he had considered that he would never be going back. Little had he known then he would be returning a good few years after his first walk. He looked towards the viaduct as it loomed in the darkness of the sky like some monster ready to pounce on its next victim. There is no way it was going to be him, because he had plans for the future.

The ground crunched beneath his feet, and he ignored the howling winds that signified the approaching storm. He walked into the nearest open building which happened to be a tavern. The smell of freshly prepared food filled his nostrils as he walked towards the bar of the cosy establishment.

“I have not seen you round here before,” a friendly voice enquired. “Are you visiting somebody in particular? Do you need directions?”

“Just passing through. I would, however, like to buy a drink if at all possible.”

The male bartender flashed an easy smile as he waved his hand to indicate the different ales on sale. “Tell me your poison, friend.”

“I would like to find out your most expensive drink, and then make it two, because you are going to share a drink with me.”

“Oh, I couldn’t possibly.”

“It is absolutely no trouble. I insist on buying it for you, so you would be better off if you drank it rather than let it go to waste.” He smiled at the man. “Anyway, my name is Nick, and I would like you to join me over there by that fire.” He pulled out a fistful of money and smacked it on the table separating the two. “That enough?”

Staring, wild eyed, at the money, the bartender briefly nodded his head.

There were no other customers in the bar area, and so Nick was certainly not surprised when the bartender joined him in a small area by the fire. “If anybody comes in to the bar then I have to take my leave.”

“Not a problem, now, sit.” Nick leaned forwards to show a great interest. “I would like you to tell me all about yourself.”

“My name is, Will. There is not really a lot to say about me.”

“Oh, but I think there is.” Under the watchful eye of Nick, Will found himself pouring out every single detail of his life including the dreams that he had had when he was a child. Nick did nothing but smile and nod as he listened to everything. Those broken dreams must have taken a lifetime to destroy, and now they were awake once again threatening to overwhelm young Will.

He was going to provide the opportunity for everything to come true, but people were going to die trying, Nick smiled about that. People were completely unsuspecting, but that gathering storm was him.


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