This is my response to the FFfAW weekly challenge. In this challenge you are given a picture and asked to write a 100 to 150 word short story inspired by it.

This week’s picture was provided by Louise, so thank you Louise.

This is the picture:


The following is a story that I have come up with (Word count: 158)

– –

All I ever wanted was to be on one of those boats that I watched floating past my house day after day. My mum told me that I was not yet old enough to go on water all by myself but I was absolutely convinced that I could do it.

My daddy was a fisherman, after all, so why not me? I snuck out in the middle of the night in order to take hold of my own dream. I would show them when I came in with my very own fish.. They would eat their words then.

I had rowed into the middle of the lake when I managed to trip over the netting I had carefully placed in my boat. I was cursing as I smacked into the wood, but not as much as when I realised that I had lost my oars.

They were right. I was not old enough, and now I was stranded.

– –

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23 thoughts on “I Wanna go…

  1. Oh no! Well, there’s something to be said for learning your lessons the hard way. I was worried about the same thing Justin was, that this would have a much more tragic ending. I’m glad that she’s *only* stranded!

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  2. Great story depicting the reasoning of a child. She may be stranded in the boat and that’s better than in the water, however, her panic over a period of time and her parents, will certainly prove to be a memory that will never be forgotten. Hopefully, she will be found in a very short time.

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