This is my response to the story a day prompt that was posted for September 10. I have included the prompt below.

The Prompt
Today’s prompt has your main character is about to enter a tunnel, what sort is for you to decide but here are some tips

  • The Tunnel – You are in control.  Is it dark or are there lights along the walls or roof ?  Is it long and winding or can you clearly see the thrs ugh to the other end?  Is it running through a cliff face making it impossible to go over or round because there’s a sheer drop to the ocean below, or through a mountain.  Set the scene.

  • Are memories of those childhood fears of the dark and/or enclosed spaces triggered.  Or perhaps the entrance ignites an excited sense of adventure, the sort that can be lost with the responsibilities of adulthood.

  • Is your main character alone, or with company?  Does this add to the fear or confidence or make it worse?

  • Are they in a vehicle or walking?

  • If in company, why are they at this point and what is the tone of conversation?

  • This could be cHildesheim good fun, a comedy or a bit of a thriller. Which is it to be?

  • Maybe they are being chased. If so are they the good or bad guys?

  • Once  through dops the fun end,  maybe they man age to lose their pursuers and have a clear run to freedom.

  • Let your imagination place you right there .  What first came into your mind when you read the title of today’s prompt?  Run with it. Don’t think too hard or long about it, sit down start typing and just…GO!

– –

He stared blankly at the map that he held in his hands, and he looked again at the gaping opening to the tunnel. Andy have been well aware that that said there would be a difficult path beside a river, but he was not expecting to be faced with the tunnel. He actually thought that all of the tunnels on this disused railway line had been bricked up.

It was at times like this that he wished he had paid more attention during his days as a Boy Scout. Maybe he had just read the map wrong, or maybe this was some random tunnel that people did not know about. Andy had to laugh at that thought, because who exactly would forget a tunnel? It was so big that there was no way that the thing have been lost.

Or was there?

There definitely was no sign of one on this map, so maybe he really was entering uncharted territory. The very notion made him excited and he could feel the beads of sweat forming on his forehead. He was going to discover it, and he was going to be famous.

And rich.

He fumbled in his backpack for his torch, and headed into the darkness that maybe only he had seen for a very long time. He shuffled along, his torch light shining on the blank brick walls. Andy felt as if he was someone like Indiana Jones walking along some site of archaeological interest. Okay, it was a tunnel, so it could not be that old, but, even so.

Then he became aware of a noise, that started in the distance but was approaching very rapidly. As he tried to work out what it might be he was blinded by a light. That is when he realised what it was. Train.

This was no disused railway line, but quite a modern feat of engineering which was very much in use. As he started to run to escape from the approaching train he realised that he really could not read a map.


4 thoughts on “The tunnel

  1. Oh bless him! I panicked for him, then had to chuckle, I could just imagine his face as he realised he wasn’t very good at map reading. What! A man admitting he couldn’t read a map! What next? 🙂 Thanks for posting.

    Liked by 1 person

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