I actually can’t believe that this is the start of another week already. It only seems like yesterday since I was writing last week’s journal entry.

Well, it is time to get everybody up to speed with what I am doing. I have managed to do quite a bit on my work in progress, and I am even in the process of talking to somebody about finding an editor… So things seem to be going quite well in that department. My work is in the very capable hands of beta readers (even though I have decided to do this as a one-off story rather than a story in sections, so they only have the first piece!) I am having a great deal of fun doing this, and only wish I had started it sooner. Well, that is not quite true, because I did initially start this as a piece of fan fiction a very long time ago. I must say that it has come a long way since then, and I would be fairly surprised if anybody recognised to the characters were when they read it now. (I was still working when I finish this, and so I managed to send it for a professional opinion for a fee of course. He basically pointed out the flaws, and I have only just got round to doing some of things that he suggested. I wonder what he would think of it now. Hopefully he would say that it has improved.)

So, yeah, beta readers… You can be as critical as you like, I don’t really mind what you have to say about it because I would rather know if a character wasn’t working, or the story contained some flaw. Feel free to say to me whatever it is you want to say. I was certainly not think less of you for doing it 🙂

My blog has been really successful this week, as yesterday I managed to beat by record for likes, and also best views. I am happy about this, and am looking forward to building on the platform that I have created.

I am looking forward to seeing what direction my writing takes me during the week.


Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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