This is the story of a girl called Holly, who has found herself in an abusive relationship with a man called Curt. She pretends that the world that she is happy because she is convinced that all of Curt’s anger is somehow her fault. She is quite a big girl, and is convinced that nobody would give her a second glance.

Along comes a saviour in the vision of a man called Jacob. He saves her from being taunted by somebody at the mall, and although he later refers to this person as a member of his staff, no suspicion is aroused. He then follows her and rescues her again, this time from Curt, before taking her home to his house where he cooks for her. From then she becomes completely obsessed with this new man and, when they go out again, she does not even question the fact that they are attacked by a wolf but he just appears to talk to it and it goes away.

Later, again at his house, he disappears and then she discovers that wolf. Just then she realises that the wolf is somehow familiar…

And so the story ends on a cliffhanger, in the hope that you will go out and buy the rest of the series in order to find out what happens. The whole thing reads more like chapter than it does a book, although the writing style is very nice and easy to read. The descriptions are good, although she does become obsessed very quickly which does not seem quite right.

As a result I gave the story 3/5 stars.


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