Well, not much to say this week really writing wise. I have done a bit more on my work in progress, and I am simply awaiting the feedback from my wonderful team of beta readers. I am not going to completely down tools on this project until I get feedback because I am just going to carry on writing the story that I was doing before I see what they have to say. Although the idea of a prologue was an interesting one to read, and it did get me thinking. It is quite strange because my first chapter at the moment was actually a prologue, as nothing was going to be introduced at the beginning of the story. However, I do appreciate that some people would prefer there to be a gradual introduction into the whole concept of the dreamscape. It is something that I would only be thinking about.

I really enjoyed the Sunday photo fiction thing that I did this week. It was called come calling which you can read by clicking that link 🙂 I actually received quite a lot of good feedback on this one, and will definitely be doing this weekly challenge again!

Hopefully, and I know I say this every week, I will get a lot more time to do writing this week!

I fully intend to publish the book reviews for the last two books that I have read. I can’t believe that I managed to get so far behind when it comes to writing them. Mind you, for one of them, the review may end up being longer than the book! (That is the only problem with reading on a Kindle is that you can’t see the thickness of the book when you start reading.)

My costume is all here, and it all fits, so I am extremely happy and can’t wait to get to the Rocky Horror Show next month. Babies, don’t you panic… Pictures will be shared!

That is this weeks ramblings over and done with, hope you enjoyed reading and will continue to be reading my stuff in future!


2 thoughts on “Monday journal

  1. Oh, Angie! 😊 Made it to Chapter 18, but my mind has been sort of… tainted with the remains of another story, haha. so I am slowing down a bit. will aim to give you proper feedback by the end of the week. great story! I love how seamlessly the characters ‘walk’ between worlds, haha. ^_^

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