This is my entry into this week’s mid week blues buster challenge.

I will never forget that night.

How could I forget the night that my lover had chosen to walk out of my life? The thing that is unbelievable to me now, is that I just watched as he disappeared down the street. It was as almost as though he had been waiting for me by that lamppost. The sound of his footsteps had been the thing that had roused me from my slumber. I will never understand what I actually did next, because it just makes no sense to me whatsoever. I remember, clear as day, I picked up that phone receiver as if I was expecting a call. Who was going to ring me in the middle of the night? It is not something that I will understand, so I should probably just give up trying.

Anyway, I walked over towards the window when I heard the door closing, and that is when I saw him. He was leaning against a lamppost like he was waiting for something, or maybe someone. He did not even turn in my general direction before he began walking slowly away from the house. It was like he was walking without a particular purpose, maybe even sleepwalking.

I will always be left wondering if I should have called out, or maybe even followed him into the shadowy darkness.

This is not what I did. What actually happened next is that I returned to the bed in order to continue with sleep. It came easily, a fact that always continues to surprise me.

It would be days before I realised that he was gone and not coming back. I tried everything possible in order to find him but always came up blank. In my desperation I even went to a medium, but their response was not one that I was hoping for. The medium told me that my lover was gone, but not to worry as there was nothing that I could have done to prevent him from leaving in the first place. The medium told me that his dreams had been haunted for some time previously, and that maybe location was the key to his leaving.

“Life is a fly, and then you die.”

It is hard to believe that I paid for that piece of advice. I was angry when I left those rooms and returned to my house. What had that silly medium been trying to tell me? That he was dead? I refused to believe it.

That night I was tossing and turning, as sleep had never seemed so far from me. Then the phone rang and a familiar voice spoke when I lifted the receiver. I nodded my head in silent agreement and walked out of my house. I lingered by the light of the lamppost for a moment before turning and walking into the darkness.


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