Well, it is that time once again. Yes, it is a Monday and time for your weekly dose of everything that is going on in my little world 🙂

First thing would be first, and that is my work in progress. This has been a battle that I am losing in terms of building my word count. I have managed to do some plotting on the corkboard of my scrivener program. (If you have never used this program then I would highly recommend that you at least give it a go. I know it is tiresome, and frustrating at times because there is so much to do and learn, but, trust me, it is really worth it)

So, I finished off last week by saying that I was going to do a lot more this week, but that never happened. Real life can really manage to throw out all of those plans that you have made. I have managed to do the Sunday photo fiction, and the midweek blues buster so I do feel that I have done something, even though it is not as much as I would like.

Speaking of the midweek blues buster, it looks as though I am going to be judging it this week, so make sure that you’re going into it so that I have got a good few stories to sift through. I will put the link up tomorrow, when it is announced.

I am really looking forward to being the judge of that competition 🙂

My writing this week may have been on the slow side, but I am still happy with the way that things are progressing. I can only hope that by next week I will have more to report on my writing over the last seven days.

In other news, I have recently booked tickets to see the Rocky Horror Show down in London where Richard O’Brien will be the narrator. I do not have an outfit for that show as yet, but there is no way that I intend to go in civilian clothes! I will have a good look around and find something to wear for the occasion.


Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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