This is my list of five things for the week

  1. Reading. Yes, that is right, I have completed yet another book. Although book would be a rather generous description of the piece that I have just finished as it was so short. However, I do plan on completing a review at some point.
  2. Writing. I know I have not done very much this week, but I am grateful for doing anything at all.
  3. Scrivener. Especially its ability to back itself up! No, it is mainly its ability to organise everything so that you can plot in advance. My word count may not have increased very much this week, but my plotting on my corkboard certainly has!
  4. Booking tickets. I have just booked tickets to go and see the Rocky Horror show down in London, starring none other than Richard O’Brien!
  5. Friends and family. I am always grateful for their support in what I do.

5 thoughts on “Things I am thankful for… #4

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