This is my entry into this week’s’s midweek blues buster challenge.

I tapped my finger against the side of my whiskey glass and blew out a sigh from between my lips. To say that this was my least favourite part of owning that club would probably be an understatement. Crushing somebody’s dreams was not something that I particularly enjoyed doing, and, not for the first time, the wish that I had hired somebody else to do the auditioning process flew through my mind.

“You are not quite what we are looking for,” the words that I had uttered a countless number of times that afternoon fell from my lips.

There was nothing I could do but watch as the face of the singer in front of me filled with disappointment. I desperately downed the golden liquid within the glass in the vague hope that it would divert my attention slightly from the look of sorrow. There was only one thought in my mind at that moment, which was, please don’t cry.

“Thank you anyway,” the disappointed girl mumbled as she clutched her guitar to her chest as if it was a teddy bear that would offer comfort. She darted from the room at great speed and I realised that she was probably going to get just outside the door before she let the tears get the better of her.

Please don’t let her see those waiting to come in. The last thing I needed was for the singers to be an emotional wreck before they even entered the room. I refilled my glass before looking round the small room. There was nobody in here except me, but on a busy night all these tables would be full of patrons expecting a certain level of entertainment. My job today was to find the people that would provide entertainment. It was difficult though, as all the songs of the various singers was starting to sound alike to me.


I did not make any eye contact with the singer that bustled inside. To be honest, there was not much expectation left in me, and so I was already rehearsing my denial. Then she started to sing. My fingers froze around the glass as the velvety voice seemed to seep into my soul and wring it out. Slowly my eyes began to travel to stage and stared at the scene. The girl was average looking, you would never expect the effect that the voice had on you. I let my lips curve into a smile as I let this amazing voice wash over me like some sort of refreshing wave.

It felt like she had drawn me said that I was crawling on the floor, almost begging her to take a position within my club. I had never met a girl like her before. She was certainly one of a kind, and not only that but she was mine; I found her.


4 thoughts on “The audition

      1. I knew what you meant 🙂 well, I mainly guessed because I would not be able to do anything like that either. Running a club, yeah, I could do that bit… Just not the audition bit!

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