This is my entry into this week’s Sunday photo fiction challenge. The idea is that you write 200 words inspired by the picture provided.


He stared at horizon, but he was not really seeing the beauty of the countryside that surrounded him. The rolling hills, the waving grass, the fluffy white clouds that skipped across the sky, and even the people that were walking past were invisible to him. His focus was on the sky as he waited for the plane carrying his brother to return to him. Everybody had told him to give up hope, but that was something that he was never going to do. The amount of time that he had been waiting did not even matter to him. Nothing was going to stop his vigil of the sky.

He no longer spoke to anybody as a just sat there watching for that plane to one day cross the horizon. At first, the whole family had been there waiting, but over the time they had all began to drift away. Had they just forgotten about the young man who had taken off from that very spot?

Darren could never be accused of that. One day he knew that his younger brother, Roger, would return to him. Until then, the eternal watch meant that he may as well be made of stone.


15 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Heartwarming, but sad story. He simply can not let go and the others have taken the step to go on with their life, not that they do not remember him and hope he returns, but will just go on with their life.

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    1. Quite a lot of people will have trouble moving on, but I hope most people would not end up that stuck. Thanks for reading.


  2. One has to admire Darren’s determination and faith in the return of his brother. But, if Roger is indeed gone, perhaps he would rather him move on with his life instead of wasting away.

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