I am back and starting to grow back into reality following the comic convention that took place at the weekend in London. I will do a review of that weekend in due time 🙂

Probably not very surprisingly my progress on my work in progress has kind of halted over the last week, and my word count remains exactly as it was. I am still on target though to hit my word count by the end of the year, so I am still quite happy even though no actual progress be made. However, I already know that my next draft will not even resemble this one because there are many things that I want to upset instead of or as well as what is already there. I am not going to start the editing process until I have the full novel to work on. I am about halfway through at the moment so I am thinking that everything is going okay. I just want to get everything on the paper before I start playing around with it.

There is not much else going on to catch you up with. My life got taken away by the comic convention in London, but then I really would not want it any other way!

I am sure I will get into writing short stories soon, either for a competition or just for myself. Is there anything that you would want me to write about? I would love to hear everyone’s opinions on what they actually would like to see on my page.

There are not very many comments that go on my page and I have been nominated for an award where I need to nominate fifteen people who are loyal commenters on my blog… I can only think of a few people, so, it is difficult for me to nominate that amount of people. However, if you fancy being nominated for an award then leave a comment below and I will definitely get round to doing it 🙂

So, until next time, have fun 🙂


Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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