“That is a very good haul,” commented one of the fishermen as he watched the net full of fish being poured onto the deck. “Drop the net back in, lads, and we will pick it up tomorrow. As soon as that is done, we well head back to shore. We have enough here for a sale. Good job!”

“Yes, captain,” came the response.

Their captain walked back the way that he had come, in order to guide the ship back to shore when the job was done. The remaining fishermen set to work in dropping the net back into the water ready to catch fish when they returned.

Nobody gave the catch a second glance.

They did not sense the panic that filled the drowning animals, completely missed the tears that were sliding from those eyes. Families had been torn apart by that ever present trap in the water. If this happened within the human realm, then we would probably consider it to be some kind of huge disaster. No doubt we would probably blame nature. But this seemed to be a daily occurrence within the ocean.

It is probably a good job that fish don’t have a long memory.


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