Comedian supports hunting ban

· Yesterday at 12:25 ·

It’s 2015. How the hell are we still trying to decide if we should allow posh psychopaths to torture wildlife if they like it? ‪#‎Keeptheban‬


it is not very often that I will wade in on a political discussion, but I can’t help but agree with Ricky Gervais on this one. He is right, hunting is a sport for the posh, and, yes, psychopaths. I mean, it is all about letting dogs run through fields and chase a fox that they will eventually kill by ripping it apart. The Huntsman is just there to follow along on their horse and just watch. What kind of a sport is that?

We already had a vote, and it was banned. This was some massive boost in the popularity of the government of the time, so why exactly would they want to go back on their own word?

The answer, simply, would being gaming the financial support of those that want to be able to go on a hunt. Nothing to do with what people might want.

So, yes, #Keeptheban


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