The Weekend Inspiration – A husband pays tribute to his late wife by walking 650 miles as a Stormtrooper to Comic Con

This is absolutely beautiful


According toYahoo News, on June 6, Kevin Doyle set out to walk all the way from Petaluma, California to San Diego in full Stormtrooper armor, in tribute to his late wife Eileen. Today, that journey has hopefully reached its successful end.

“He can still hear the inflection of his late wife’s voice when she would say to him, ‘You’re such a dork,'” begins the article on Doyle’s trek in The Coast News. His wife, Eileen, was a “self-proclaimed geek” herself, and the two were big fans of Star Wars. Doyle told The Coast News that, when she died of pancreatic cancer late in 2012, “doing the walk down the West Coast in armor was really the only choice I had.”


On the way, Doyle says he’s met a fair share of people who are curious as to why a guy dressed as a stormtrooper would be walking 645 miles…

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