This is why response to this week’s words to write by prompt.


The man frowned at the impeccably dressed waiter who was standing with the pad in his hand. “Don’t play stupid with me,” he said with irritation in his tone. “I know that you are well aware of what I am trying to order. I want this eggplant dish that you have on your menu, right here.”

The man tapped impatiently at the menu card. The waiter looked over his shoulder, and rolled his eyes as he spotted the meal that the man was implying. “Sir,” the waiter commented with a smile tugging at his lips. “You are in England now. Over here we do not call that an eggplant, but we call it an aubergine. That would explain my confusion. I apologise for that, and I will go to every effort now to ensure that you do not have to linger in our restaurant for longer than necessary.”

The man huffed. “You were well aware of what I meant. I hope that you do not expect me to pay for this meal.”

“All I can do is apologise, sir. It did not know what you meant until you pointed it out. Once again, I am sorry for the inconvenience that you have suffered.”

He went red, and seem to fill his entire body with air. “I will not tolerate your behaviour. I demand that you go and get the management to me this instant. There is no way that I am going to pay to be treated the way that you have treated me.”

You could almost see the waiter stiffen as he tried to stifle his own reaction. He looked around the spacious restaurant and his eyes found the supervisor who was lurking by the front door. He knew that he had done nothing wrong, other than not understanding the order. However, instead of arguing back with this brash American trying to get his own way, he decided to let the management deal with it. He just gave a nod to the man and walked towards the supervisor.

Fully anticipating a free meal, the American grinned and rubbed his tummy. It was so easy to get your own way in England.


5 thoughts on “Free meal

  1. Great story using the prompt! I really hope American’s aren’t that rude in England and expectant of free meals but I love the waiter’s reactions 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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