In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do Not Disturb.”

(This is a work of fiction, rather than an account of anything that has happened to me personally.)

She went out that night and posted online where she was, along with who with. When the question was asked to her whether or not she wanted to share the information with the public or her friends, she just gave a shrug. Who cares? It is not like anyone was really interested in things like that. Anyway, she had nothing to hide, so she just clicked share to the public.

Of course she knew that sharing anything specific could be dangerous. It was never going to happen to her though, because she could never be described as pretty. She was just your average girl. It was not like she was flaunting anything, because she had nothing to flaunt. As far as she was concerned, there was no harm in sharing everything with the world. After all, it might get her more friends.

While she was in the club she met this guy called Trevor. He brought her a drink, they chatted away, had a bit of a dance, and exchange numbers. She felt a million dollars as they said good night, because he was complimenting her appearance, and had not been baffled by her strange interests. Everything was perfect.

Status update: I think I have met the one!

His face twisted into some kind of smile as he realised that her privacy settings made everything public. More fool her. He began to look at all the pictures that were shared, along with noting her status updates that were positive or negative. Chuckled when he read the last update, “Doubtful, darling!” He also scribbled down all of her contact details and grinned. He had not even met this girl properly yet, and he felt like he knew her very well. He saved one of her holiday pictures as a screen saver. This was going to be useful later on that night when he was in a playful mood.


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