Megan gripped at the bars that guarded the window, and shook at them in anger. This was not where she was supposed to be, or even deserve to be. She looked enviously have the people she could see that seemed unconcerned, or maybe just unaware, of her presence at the window. The picture seemed to be one of the perfect family life. Children were sitting and laughing at some joke that their parents had just told them. She looked again and gave a bitter cry that was born from the frustration that suddenly overwhelmed her. These were her children, and her husband… She did not recognise the woman, but she knew her instantly for what she was.

“Usurper!” The scream echoed around her, but the family did not even flinch.

Who was this woman who thought that she could somehow benefit from locking Megan in this cage? She actually had no idea how she had ended up here. Where was she?

The breeze whipped at her clothing and made her shiver. Family did not even look hold, and that was the moment that she realised that she was not trying to get out, but she was trying to get in.


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