This is my response to the weekly words to write by prompt that you can read here.

The words that I have chosen are:

  • Delve
  • Brisk
  • Skateboard
  • Landfill
  • Menace

That is not the order that I used that words in, but they are all there 🙂

Cassandra felt the wind whipping at her long blonde hair as she made a brisk pace on her skateboard. She was well aware that a skateboard was not your normal mode of transport for a girl, but then she did not consider herself to be a normal girl. There was nothing about the way that she was raised that would help anybody to understand the kind of person that she had become.

So, what is it exactly that she had become? She would cheerfully answer you for herself, because to her there was no shame in anything that she did. The way that she would describe her life would be to say that she is an extreme cheapskate. That is somebody who will go to extreme lengths in order to save money.

That explained her transport, a skateboard. You did not have to put petrol, or pay any tax on the skateboard. She had also found it in somebody’s skip, so she considered it to be free for her to take. So, that is how she started using the skateboard.

It also explained the destination that she was heading for. Today she was going to go to the local landfill to see what prized possessions she could find. Cassandra was already known as a dumpster diver, and so this is simply taking it to a whole new level. There was nothing wrong in this, because people were always throwing away things that could be used. Her house was furnished by things that she had found in skips, or just in the trash.

As she skated into the area the first thing that hit her was the smell. It was definitely intense, and she instinctively knew which areas to avoid. The cost of cleaning products for anything that she got from those areas would be amazing. No money would be saved at the end of the day, and that is what this entire exercise was all about.

She began to delve into the rubbish. Cassandra did not know what she was looking for, but as long as she was able to get it back to her little flat on the skateboard she was going to be interested. Her fingers were turning over things that people considered to be trash, when she saw some discarded fabric.

She was so busy inspecting her new find, that she did not notice the menace that was the approaching tramp.


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