Well, apparently some people are just born to be late, and I am pretty sure that I am one of them.

I try, I really try to be there on time, but the universe just seems to conspire against me, and once again, I am late.

Just what is it that I need to be doing in order to get somewhere at the time that I said I would be there? I arrange everything, I make sure that I start getting ready in plenty of time… But then something will always happen. I don’t know what that is going to be, but something will break, the phone will ring, a tractor appeared on the road between me and where I need to be, or, even, the cat throws up.

What I mean is, there is always something… Always a reason.

Somewhere there is probably a guardian angel laughing. Mind you, I am probably getting the last laugh, because they are doing a really bad job of guarding me. I am going to get them the sack!

The point here is, I am always late but I never actually mean to be. Nobody will believe that I never actually intend to be late. But there it is, and that is who I am.

Little miss tardy.


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