This is my response to this week’s midweek blues buster, which can be found here.

“Robin!” My ears pricked up on hearing my name being yelled. The voice was certainly not a familiar one, and all I knew for sure was that it was a female. I turned towards the sound, and found myself facing the entrance to a forest. At first there was no movement from me because I was hesitating. The very thought of entering the forest and going into the dark was just something that I could not justify within my head.

“Robin, I need you!” The cry came again, and this time my fingernails bit into the palms of my hands as the urge to run into the darkness seem to take over my system. Somewhere in the depths of my mind I was sure that I was going to run out of time if I did not go in to try and find her right now.

“Help!” The female voice seemed to echo within the trees, and suddenly I was in motion. The path changed from one well travelled, to one that looked like it had not been used for a very long time. Nothing mattered except my desperation to find this female who was calling me. I was going to search this entire forest if I had to.

The smell of broken branches filled my nostrils as I crunched them underfoot. I strained my ears, but there were no longer any cries of my name. Was I too late?

Fear gripped me as I turned round and round staring blankly at the trees. My gaze was taken upwards as I followed a crow taking flight. Everywhere seem to be covered in darkness as that wonderful canopy above me was shielding me from the sunlight of that June day. I had really wanted to save that girl, whoever she had been.

As my gaze had travelled upwards, I suddenly come to the conclusion that I was lost. I held back a laugh that was tinged with hysteria. Why would I be so foolish as to come running in to a place that I had never even seen?

Never seen.

The realisation hit me, and I started running about blindly in order to try and get out of the forest. There had to be a way out, there had to be. However, after running for about thirty minutes I came to a stop. There was no way of knowing if I was running into the forest even more, or actually heading towards an edge. I had to look at this logically. I started to peer through the trees to work out which area looked like it was lighter in colour. It all looked the same to me.

I moaned and slammed my fist into the nearest tree.

“Is that any way to treat your friend?” The tree replied in that female voice. All of this time I had been running towards a tree.

Then I remembered that my name was not Robin. Why had I answered that call?


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