This was inspired by the prompt that you can read here.

So, I am not going to talk about the depressing crap that goes on in my life, because it is not my job to make everyone else down… Or maybe feel better about themselves, who knows?

No, instead I am going to talk about the things that tend to inspire me. For example, today I read an article about Tim Curry who has just made a public appearance for the first time since his stroke. It was pointed out in the article that he spoke slowly when accepting his lifetime achievement award, but I do not think that that really needed mentioning at all. The thing was, that he was there in public, he was all dressed up, he was smiling, and he got an award! I don’t really seem the point in attacking his speech, because after a stroke, in many cases, speech can be extremely difficult.


By the way, is it wrong that my first thought was that I wanted a wheelchair similar to his one?

Anyway, the point is that he said that he thought that his sense of humour was incredibly vital when it came to his recovery. He added that he did not need to maintain this as it was a part of his DNA. This actually got me thinking, is it part of mine?

Looking at the way that I tend to view everything that happens to me, I would say that it probably is something that is within me. I always seem to look on the bright side, and very rarely get down about anything. (If you know anything about my condition then you would know that there is plenty that I would be able to get down about… But I just don’t.)

So, what do I do instead of getting down? I am not really sure, but it probably involves planning some future event such as a festival, a convention, or a holiday. I also manage to focus my efforts on writing. I have recently done some fifty word stories,

and of actually really enjoy doing them. I do tend to work on longer projects, such as my current Work In Progress, which I have done nearly 1000 words on today.

I also have my pets who tend to keep me grounded. I mean, they pretty much need as much looking after as I do… Okay, I need more than them, but it is pretty much the same. They are dependent on me.

So, all in all, what has made me think today? That would simply be the quote from Tim Curry about sense of humour being in his DNA. I think that this is definitely right, because it is something that you either have or you don’t. I am glad to say that I believe it is something that I am blessed with.

I will go to sleep today believing that humour is in my DNA. This would be the kind of thing that keeps me going on any day that I feel down.


3 thoughts on “Monday Journal

  1. this is beautiful and inspirational Harmony! I am honored that it came from one of my prompts 🙂 Tim Curry is a favorite of mine too and his words are and inspiration to all of us! Blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

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