Daniel looked about him and heaved out a sigh. If somebody had told him one year ago that he would be standing at the graveside of his wife he would have laughed at them. They were both so young and had everything that they could ever want. They were newly–weds, only been married for a month, and he had just been promoted in his job. Everything was perfect.

They should have known, maybe, that something was about to go horribly wrong.

Nine months previously the rug of happiness had been pulled away in such a violent manner. It had just been a day like any other when Beth had been suffering with a headache. There was nothing unusual about that, but Daniel had decided to call out the doctor. From there everything seemed to move so fast, and the next thing that they knew were that they were in the hospital being told the worst news that they could possibly expect to receive.

Beth had cancer, and it was untreatable.

They make the decision to tell nobody of the news, because Beth did not want anyone treating her any different. There was going to be no sadness, no sympathy from friends, and definitely no apple pie!

When it was needed, Daniel had given up his job to become a full-time carer. He did this because he did not trust anyone else to look after his wife the way that she would want it to be done. Well, that, and their friends still did not know just how serious the condition was.

They were together until the very end, and even then they had planned things to go exactly the way that they wanted, and not what anyone else expected. Beth had made the decision to die at home, and under her own terms. Basically, she was going to kill herself.

Daniel had been holding her hand throughout the process, and he listened to her final words tearfully. “Now there will be nothing holding you back. Daniel, my love, my final gift to you will be this, your freedom.”

Free was not something that he felt standing at the graveside. He felt as though he had just lost his entire world. Was that really the cost of freedom?


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