Ordinary wins – Margarita Felices


This is the story about a Welsh girl called Nicci who gets to live the kind of life that we all dream of. She goes to a concert of band that she has decided she instantly loves after hearing their track on the radio. She is not a fan girl, by any description of the word, so she does not even look up what the band might look like. Nobody would go with her, and so she ends up going on her own and is slightly put off by the age of people she finds in the line. Because of this, and the general lack of interest in the support acts, she hangs around outside in order to have a cigarette. Somebody appears and asks her for a light, and she obliges and starts talking about the band she has come to see.

When the concert begins she is surprised to find that the man she was talking to outside happens to be the drummer. From then she finds herself living the dream of every fan girl when he appears next to her to take her backstage. From there things move quickly and she ends up moving to LA to be with him.

Things seem too good to be true, and of course no love story would be complete if things went smoothly from start to finish. The fact that he is a famous rock star only seems to complicate matters.

There were times within the book where I could draw comparisons a certain band, to the point where I could visualise band members in question, but that does not matter. It is not written as a piece of fan fiction, and does not really read like one. What it does read like is an interesting take on the idea of falling in love with a rock star on the stage.

In the end it is a story that is what the title actually says. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with being the ordinary person, even if you are surrounded by the younger and prettier models of yourself. There is nothing wrong with who you are, and you are completely entitled to celebrate that.

Who is to say that the extraordinary would not happen to you?

This is a very quick read, and a highly enjoyable one. I would give this four out of five stars, and I would recommend it to other people.


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