Vampire – K. M. Ashman


This is the story about a museum worker, who is also an enthusiast/expert on Egyptology. Her name is Becky, and the story begins when she finds out that her father is dead. He has committed suicide, which she finds very unusual for his character, and she is struggling to come to terms with it. Then she begins to find out other information which makes no sense her. That was that her father was sacked and accused of murder. She meets a partner of his, John, who explained that they found a sealed tomb but that when they reported it it got closed in.

They end up going to Egypt to explore the tomb for themselves. When they get there they find themselves even more confused when they discover out 20,000-year-old corpse that appears to be on dialysis and responding to pain. The left index finger is missing.

The story is interspersed with the history of the night walkers, and of course ancient Egypt, including the great King, Rameses the second. The history tells us that the King betrayed the night walkers, and sealed them up to die in the tomb of a long dead king.

When they get back to England, Becky discovers that she is in trouble over an artefact that her father sent her. Upon investigation they find the missing finger from the corpse and decide to investigate. This also manages to involve her young assistant, Amy.

It all reaches a conclusion when everybody finds themselves in the same location in England. (Except Amy). The conclusion is rather open ended as it is not stated who actually survives. It could be that the corpse, and even John survive the tale, but this is simply not stated. Also, without an epilogue it is unable to discover what became of Becky. What happens to Amy, however, is discussed although even that is left open-ended.

It is rather a slow-paced book, but it is still a very good read. It does add some new opinions on the vampire mythology, such as only women can become immortal (in estate worth being). All in all I would give this four out of five stars, as it is definitely an enjoyable read even if it is not a unique one.


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