This short story was written in her response to the midweek blues buster, and was inspired by the piece of music featured.

The night had started like any other night when you are on the run from the law. It seemed funny to me now that it was only two days before that we had become killers. It was supposed to be just a normal night featuring mugging and so forth, but somehow me and Hayley had got carried away. That is the way that things go when you lead a life like my own. We had simply shrugged that off, and carried on as normal.

“The police have found us,” Hayley warned as she looked out of the window.

“Shit!” I walked over and joined her. I could see blue and red lights as they approached the house, and had to smile about their lack of subtlety. “We definitely have time to move before they get here, and there are plenty of ready to harvest fields for us to hide within.”

Hayley nodded her head and stalked towards the kitchen. “I am just going to grab some of our ill gotten gains.”

I smiled to myself as I listened to those words, and watched her hair bounce as she moved. Hayley was just something that was beyond perfect, and I would so lucky to have found her on that night so long ago. There was so much that we had in common, it had seemed that we were destined to end up together as partners in so many ways.

It was too late for me by the time that I realised that we did not keep any of our stash in the kitchen. As I turned to ask what she was really doing, she drove the knife that she had collected into my chest. The red blood spurted over my hands and I fell forwards. “Why?”

She shrugged and put the knife in my hands. “They are only looking for one killer, babe, and they are just about to find him. Meanwhile, I get to run free and can rejoin society as I see fit.”

“Hayley…” I paused as I gazed into her innocent looking face for one last time. “I love you.”

“I know you do, Martin, and that is why you are helping me to escape.”

Hayley disappeared from my vision, and I suppose at that point she left the house. I stared up at the window and noticed the droplets of water that were obscuring my view of the moon. The rain seemed a fitting end for me as I felt myself becoming empty of everything that had once encouraged me to breathe.

The moon was certainly what I would describe as a liars moon. It all seemed to be too perfect, even with the covering of rain over the glass. Live with Hayley was definitely too perfect, and, for me, the rain symbolised my blood. One of my last thoughts was to wonder if she had ever loved me at all, or if it had just been an act. This was something that I was never going to know the answer to as I slipped into darkness and my flame flickered out.


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