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PIC BY NICOLAS LOCATELLI/ CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: The fire breathing Dragon cloud) - Could this curious cloud formation be the DRAGON slain by ST GEORGE? With its large snout and blackened eyes, the furious looking dragon appears to breath fire as it stares from the sky in a bizarre cloud formation. Captured at dusk the red sky adds a fiery hue to the clouded creature giving it an uncanny likeness to the fire breathing dragon slain by St George, the patron Saint of England, in the famous legend. Amateur photographer Nicolas Locatelli, 20, captured the unusual cloud in the sky above Briones Regional Park, in California. SEE CATERS COPY. Dragon of St George? (Picture: Caters)

Just in time for St George’s Day, this cloud appeared looking like a Dragon breathing fire.

It was captured at dusk by photographer Nicolas Locatelli, 20.

Sadly, however, it wasn’t over the green and pleasant land of England, but Briones Regional Park, California.

Locatelli said: ‘When I saw the image I was pretty intrigued.

‘The way the sunset lit up the cloud at the mouth of the dragon made it look like flames were coming out of its mouth.

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‘The image was timed perfectly too. The image was taken with a zoom lens on a stormy day so the clouds were in the distance and moving quickly so I got really lucky taking this…

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