MEFCC – a review

If you are wondering what that stands for, then it is Middle East Film and Comic Convention. It was held in Dubai during the weekend of 9 to 12 April 2015. I only attended two days of the convention, the tenth and eleventh of April.

First off, I have got to say that if you are going to attend a Comic Convention, then you have to do it in fancy dress. I attended one day dressed as Harley Quinn, and honestly wished that I had had another outfit to wear on the second day. It was absolutely amazing to be the centre of attention for a reason other than being in a wheelchair. This is probably not something that everybody would understand, but if you are disabled then you will know exactly what I am talking about. If you still do not understand then I would suggest that you go out with somebody that is in a wheelchair at some point and look at the attention they seem to generate. This is not a nice feeling, but when you find that people are looking at you because of our reasons such as a costume then it is definitely appreciated. I got asked further a lot of pictures, and many of them were selfies with the individual that asked. Theirs was an amazing way to spend the day, although consequently I got to look at hardly any of the stalls that were selling things. In hindsight this is probably a good thing, as it stop me spending money!

Here are two of the pictures from the Friday taken with fellow members of the DC universe:

11118561_1460796780878019_1865799220_n 11146001_1460796837544680_962267331_n

I was getting a lot of compliments on my outfit, although sadly it did not survive to tell the tale so I could wear it again. RIP outfit 😦

So, on the Saturday I was wearing regular clothes and had a good look around. One guy recognised me from the day before and chased me with the picture that he had taken to ask if it had been me. When I said yes he was very appreciative that I had had the picture taken. It was actually very touching.

The first thing I did was to go and have my picture taken with Gillian Anderson. I was an absolutely huge X-Files fan, and so this moment was something that I am going to remember for a very long time. She is blonde now which threw me quite a bit, as did her rather strong accent because Scully was not excessively American like Gillian sounded. Don’t get me wrong, I love the American accent but I was just not expecting to hear it from her and so it did not seem to match up inside my head. This was probably a good thing mind you, because it meant that I did not get starstruck while meeting her.

This is my picture:


after that I spent the day wondering about, and just having a general look around the convention. This was until the time of for me to go and have a picture taken with William Shatner. He was nothing at all like I expected, because all I had heard positive stories about him. He sat on the stool, and was not exactly over friendly when it came to talking to him. Mind you, we all have bad days so I guess I should probably put that down to experience on my part.

Here is my picture:


My favourite talk from a guest would be the one given by Sam Jones, who played Flash Gordon. He was very inspiring, and a very down-to-earth individual.

I would highly recommend this experience to anybody, and give my weekend four out of five stars 🙂


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