I know that I am breaking all of the rules (and probably cheating), but I have started on my project already. I am only eight days early, and my excuse will be that I am going to Dubai in April itself and so I am probably not going myself any extra time. That is my excuse anyway, and I am going to stick to it!

The first piece is up on the website Tablo (https://tablo.io/harmony77uk/freakshow) if you are really interested in reading it. I am not going to put it up here though, and that will only ever be the first draft over there… Probably… Unless I choose the self publishing route. I rule nothing out yet.

However, I am sure that this is going to be a fun project for me that will keep me quiet for a month 🙂

I hope everybody is going to have a little fun if they are going to join in the camp, or just reading what comes out of it.



Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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