I hope that this is just a passing trend…


My last few posts have not even got a single view, even though I have plenty of followers. I find this a very strange thing to be happening.

As a writer I look forward to reading people’s comments on my work, but nobody appears to comment on my blog at any single point in time. Does this mean that what I am writing is no good? If that is the case, please feel free to point that out, because any comment has got to be better than none.

What is it that people would like to be reading? Updates, short stories, advice, random thinking, or something else? Let me know.


5 thoughts on “Strange

  1. Hi, i find looking and commenting on other peoples blogs help. I got most of my views after a day of reading and commenting on other peoples work 🙂 plus you get to read some really interesting stuff, and see some beautiful photos 🙂 enjoy!

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  2. Your writing is just fine. The thing is, you gotta remember people you exist sometimes (which means engage more often). I have a ton of people on my feed, and I end up not being able to see everyone’s posts. But if they comment or like something on my blog, is much easier to track them back and pay it forward. : )

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