Under the cover of darkness

They came, they saw, and they conquered. Those humans changed everything with their lights, the loud mechanical monsters that stalk our countryside, and the constant smell bombarding our senses. Well, I for one, have had enough.

My partner got hit by one of those monsters and was left to die in a ditch like she was completely worthless. We knew that she was going to die, but that seemed to take forever in coming. She was unable to move, and I stayed right by her side until the very end. She was in complete agony for what seemed like hours, after being completely torn apart by a human in his monster who probably didn’t even notice. As she breathed her last, I vowed that I was going to have revenge on the humans. There was no way that I was going to find the specific one, so instead I decided to act on many.

I was inspired by the acts of others. I heard about a badger who barricaded people within the spa of their creating, and the owl attacking people. I am willing to bet that both these were caused by similar events to my own. I am guessing that there would be something done by human that caused loss and triggered the need for revenge. I understand that totally.

As the moon rose the light started to go out. Now was the time that I was to act, and I could not help but smile as I approached the darkened holes of the place that they lived. A dog started barking inside, and I flinched away. Not this house then.

The second house that I approached did not have a dog, but instead they had the cat. It is not commonly known, but our types can work together and actually get along. This will usually be in the form of tackling larger prey. Mind you, that is not really relevant to the story, all you need to know is that me and this cat got along. He was well aware of my loss, and he probably knew what was on my mind. Even so he did not feel that he should try and stop me, instead he directed me towards the cat flap.

And just like that, I was inside.

A fox is not actually designed to be indoors, and I instantly felt caged in. This was not a nice feeling, so I decided that I had to hurry. I paced around the house looking for a way that I could take my revenge. At some point I concluded that the best way to enact my revenge was to rip apart everything that they cared about, just like they had done to me. So, I lowered my head and set about every little thing that I could find. Furniture, decorations, floor coverings, food, and any other possession that I thought they might hold dear. The place was chaos.

I heard a noise upstairs, and realised that I had woken up the dweller. There was no way that I wanted to be caught after just one person, so I bolted out of the cat flap and was gone.

Obviously, I did not go far enough away that I could not hear the cries of distress going on inside of the house. I was quite happy with what I had done, and the effect that it seemed to be having. I lifted my head towards the sky and sent my dead partner a message that my revenge had begun. It was not going to end without a fight on my part.

I padded towards the next house, and found my way inside.

According to the information that I gathered over the next few days, people were suspecting that it was the other people who had done the attacks. Stupid people. They never suspect the animals.


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