How the mind can wander…

So I sat reading news about the man who had sex with the postbox being found dead. Naturally I did remember the story coming round in the first place when he did the deed in question, and I found myself thinking in, why? (Not really how, because the actual logistics of the act were not that interesting to me.) I have heard of people being attracted to people with pillar box red hair, or a car that is pillar box red, or even just liking the colour in general. However, I had never heard anyone going to the extreme of having sex with an actual pillar box.

They did say at the time that they believed it was drug-related. I just thought, d’uh! Either he was high on something, or very drunk, because what would have been going through the mind of an average person when they started to do that. I don’t think it would have occurred to anyone who was not intoxicated, or suffering some severe delusion, to do such a thing.

Now that he has been found dead, I can’t help myself wondering what he was actually doing behind the Chinese restaurant. Is it wrong of me to automatically think that he was doing something that was not reported in the news. For example, was he stuffing a Peking duck? The news hides so much from us these days, I just seem to think about what those things might be.

Maybe there was a story in this, but then again I am not sure how to get it into a paranormal or supernatural theme. Maybe inspiration will strike sometime. Until then I just had to offload my thinking.


Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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