This is the story of the homecoming school’s masquerade ball celebrating the final year, and starting the competition for the coronation of the Queen. Sounds a bit normal, right? But this is no ordinary ball because this is for Thorndike Academy, and the winner of the coronation will be made an immortal. The losers will be locked in a cage, and become food for the winner. This year looks like it is going to be a boring year, because Kim Renwick has been brought up believing that she will win this competition. Everybody else believes it as well, and so it just seems a pretty average thing rather than the usual competition. That is until the new girl turns up wearing black, which symbolises her entry into the coronation.

The new girl is in fact Nicky Bloom. Nicky is involved in an underground organisation simply known as the network. The network is wanting to overthrow the Immortals that are controlling Washington. They believe that in winning the competition they will be able to achieve this. Mainly because the person that turns the winner into an immortal is a vampire that they have all tried to kill on previous occasions and failed. The mansion Nicky Bloom has been set up in is rigged so that when he arrives he will become trapped, and so they are able to kill him.

First of all though they have to win the competition. Nicky is not the only undercover agent, but there is also a girl called Jill who is another student at the school. A girl called Shannon had died, leaving a vacancy at the Academy which the network arranged for Nicky to fill. Now she has turned up at the ball wearing black and it is up to Jill and Nicky herself to convince people to join them in overthrowing Kim.

The book itself is full of background, and as such very little happens progressively as you are permanently reading back stories. However these back stories are very interesting, and kept me turning the pages quite quickly.

As you would expect from the book within the series, it does leave you with a lot of unanswered questions. In order to answer these questions, you would have to buy the other books of the series. You can guarantee that I will be doing this, because it has my interest. It is very well written, and holds within it a very interesting story. Overall I have given this four stars, as it is a little slow given that only a few hours actually passes by within the book. It is a very interesting read though, and I would highly recommend it.


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