There are certain forms of racism that you hear about all the time. For example, vampires and Lycans or a common thing, and it works either way round. Leprechauns are also a common source of entertainment to all of us in our realm. Some things are less common though, and are very rarely reported. One of these affects me, and my daily life. That will be the bullying that occurs between fairies and pixies. Now, you would assume, like most of us, the pixies would be the perpetrators, and that fairies would be the victim. This would be with the most common, and somehow accepted form of the racism that goes on between our kinds.

However, you very rarely hear of the torment that fairies can provide to us pixies. It goes on all the time, but like I said, it very rarely gets reported or spoken about. People just don’t expect it, and almost believed that it never happens. Maybe it is because we are so mischievous, or just that our numbers are bigger.

Anyway, I just had to speak out about what happened to me.

I recently moved into a new neighbourhood, a block of flats in the hedgerow. There were a lot of fairies around, that much is true, but there was a pixie living in the flat below mine. I did not know him, but had just seen him around. I wonder if he got the same kind of abuse that I did, or whether they’d left him alone simply because he was a man.

Whatever the case though, I seem to be singled out for their abuse. I came home one day, with my very young child, to find that some fairy dust had been strewn all over my front door. What exactly held it there I could not be sure. There was a piece of paper in the post box, and so I pulled it out to read it.

“Elsie, the hedgerow is reserved for the use of fairies only… So, kindly, fuck off.”

I was surprised to say the least. However, I was angrier because my young child had seen this. He was at an age where he was very curious, so I found myself having to explain what was going on. I could not really say that fairies hated us for no apparent reason, as that would leave him growing up with some kind of hatred for all of them. I don’t want that, I don’t want my son to be racist. So I simply told him that some bad people had done the deed.

I don’t want to give in to their pressure and leave. But then I have to think about protecting my son from all of this. Of course, I am sure that he will grow up fearing our neighbours. Maybe I should move, after all.


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