She picked herself off the floor and looked about her. She frowned into the semidarkness that surrounded her, and had to wonder what had just happened.

The last thing that she remembered was sitting down the listening to some music. True, the music was forbidden where she came from, but she had been doing no harm.

The music had been banned long before she was even born, and she had heard that one day completely by accident. She had been hooked from that moment, and had managed to become part of the underground network that had this music hidden away from the authorities. She had been in their secret rooms with the music, it wasn’t like she was broadcasting it to everybody. What harm had she actually done?

River dusted herself off and twisted about her. There was a door, so it is not like she was a prisoner, wherever she actually was. She crossed to it found that it opened easily enough. The question once again ran through her mind asking how she had got to be in that room. She did not recognise the corridor at the other side of the door, so she knew that she cannot have gone in that way. Not while she was conscious anyway.


Had she lost consciousness at some point? That would explain why she could not remember what had happened. Have there been an attack or something? There was certainly a likelihood of that because the authorities were always looking for a way to discover anyone that was in the underground and eradicate them.

But for music? Seriously?

River tried to recreate her last memories somewhere in her head in order to work out what had happened. She had been in the underground room, listening to music, and she had been alone. There had been the noise and she had looked up. Next thing that she remembered was getting off the floor in that room.

She went through the corridor and out the front door of the house. She wanted to work out where she was, in order to return home before anybody realises that she was missing. When she opened the front door she realised instantly that something was wrong. She was nowhere near home, and was looking around completely unfamiliar ground.

She turned back to the doorway of the house, hoping to see some kind of clue. Her eyes connected with the large mirror in the hallway. It was showing her reflection, and straightaway she realised exactly what was wrong.

River gave a strangled cry filled with panic. Her wings were missing, she had become one of the fallen.


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