Behind those eyes – 2

Okay, this is the second chapter, and is probably all you are going to get until it is finished… I know, I am such a tease!

As usual, please give me your opinions and ideas that might improve it 🙂

And so it was that, all of a sudden, Samantha was being threatened by the presence of, not one solitary Lycan, but in fact nine. In total frustration, as well as a feeling of helplessness, Michael found himself gripping a branch of a nearby tree. There was nothing that he wished more than to be able to run in and rescue the damsel in distress. However, he knew that the appearance of a vampire would do nothing but antagonise the situation and put Samantha in even more danger than she was in already. He could not risk that with this particular mortal. As a result all he could do was stand there and watch as a fight began between the original Lycan and two of the new appearances.

Admittedly his curiosity was spiked as to the reason for the fight, but that was pushed to the back of his mind because he knew what a fight would mean for Samantha. The mortal was to become the victim of choice for the winner of the battle. Michael assumed that this was going to be the couple that were involved, simply because of the fact that the solitary one was completely outnumbered. The vampire was well aware that if it looked like the couple were losing than the rest of the pack would step in to guarantee victory. In some ways Michael wished for this to happen, because that would give him time to dash in and steal away his girl.

Samantha began to crawl away, and Michael knew that her intention was to sneak away unnoticed. Of course, he was well aware that this plan would fail, mainly, because of the acute sense of smell that the Lycan kind possessed. Even though this was the case, he found himself willing her along as she crawled along the ground, and even found himself caught up in her sense of elation when she thought that it was working. Sadly, one of the pack paced over towards her and, simply, put his paws on her back to prevent her moving.

“Damn!” Michael whispered as a response.

He instantly regretted saying anything out loud, because he watched as the Lycan twitched his ears as it heard the faint sound. Michael decided that, as a reaction to hearing a noise, the Lycan spun Samantha, in order for her to be facing him. Mind you, it was a good job that he did because Michael had just realised that Samantha had been intending to find out if she could suffocate herself in the ground. Of course, this was completely possible, but he could not let it happen; not to this girl.

“Make it quick,” she whined at the creature. Michael realised that this was the first thing he had heard her say out loud that evening.

What happened next was something that Michael himself had never witnessed, and he found it distinctly unusual. The Lycan actually bent his head and licked at Samantha’s arm. Unfortunately, he knew that vampires could not read each other’s minds, and so, there was no way of voicing his question without speaking out loud to James and Trevor. One glance at them though assured him that they had never seen that before, and they were both as confused as him. Why on earth would a Lycan do that to a mortal? Was it friendly, or was he tasting her? Either way, Michael was less than happy.

The contact was enough to freak out the girl on the floor. Quite rightly, of course. She let out a scream and began to fight for her very life. She clawed at the black fur covering the body of her latest attacker, and tried to kick those legs free from pinning her down. When he whimpered, she instantly froze.

You see, Samantha was a big believer in animal rights, and she certainly believed that she had hurt the creature making it whimper. It did not matter then that her own life was being threatened, because hurting another creature was just wrong. She stared into those golden eyes in order to apologise. Michael had to bite his own lip in order to prevent him from cursing again. There was no way that Samantha should lower herself to apologising to the beast. He had no idea what had caused the whimper, because he was well aware that there was no way that she had caused pain in those actions. As an immortal the Lycan would have similar pain tolerance to himself, and the mortal would not have the strength to go above that.

Michael read her mind as she met those eyes, and he was instantly filled with hatred for the creature. She had convinced herself that she had seen something within those eyes that resembled anguish. There was no way of course, because quite simply a Lycan did not experience emotions such as anguish. Quite what she was witnessing remained to be seen, but Michael instantly put that down to a trick of the light.

All of this was interrupted by the arrival of the other wolves. In the shadows Michael cursed himself for not realising that the fight was in fact over. He looked on helplessly as he really thought that he was about to witness the girl, he had chosen for his own, torn apart by a bunch of animals. The branch within his grip began to make cracking sounds as his hold intensified in pressure. It was interesting to watch, even so, because Samantha reacted in the strangest way possible. She actually began to cling to the leg that is still have hold of, almost in a way that was begging for protection.

Like that was even possible. She was the intended victim after all, and that one had prevented her from escaping in the first place.

If he did not care much about the individual in question, he would have laughed out loud at the idea, and the stupidity in wishing it. However, because it was the individual in question that he was looking at, he found himself wishing along with her that that protection would actually happen.

Against all the odds, that is exactly what happened.

As the rest of the pack approached the Lycan turned to regard them, and emitted a low growl. This actually managed to sound possessive, which did actually instil a small sense of fear in the vampire watching. At the time though, it was an entirely welcome sound simply because it guaranteed the safety of Samantha. What happened after that, came as such a surprise to Michael that the branch he was holding snapped completely in his grip.

The Lycan began to change form, which is something that a mortal like Samantha never got to witness. Well, not without the instant fear of death, and with seven standing around Michael felt himself begin to panic.

As the only sound became the snapping of bones, Michael found himself trying to concentrate on Samantha’s thoughts in order to keep himself grounded. Not surprisingly her thoughts were all over the place because she did not believe in werewolves. She was unable to deny what she was witnessing, and the wolf that had been threatening her life was definitely changing into a man.

When the change was complete, a naked and sweating man collapsed on top of the girl that Michael was staring at. Instantly her desire to help kicked in, and she knocked him aside easily, in order to strip off her coat and throw it over him.

The watcher looked at the remaining pack, who had not moved, and he began to wonder how they were going to react.

The man on the floor seemed to summon enough strength to speak. “Go and feed,” he told them. “There is nothing that you can do for me now.”

“I will stay,” Samantha said. “It is the least that I can do in the circumstances. It is probably no help for you, but I don’t know what else I can offer.”

“That is more than I would have expected,” came the reply.

“What is your name?”


“I am Samantha, and I am pleased to meet you. Now, you can just sleep because I will keep an eye on you until you wake up.”

“You heard her, now go,” Ryder commanded the other wolves. The tone was authoritative enough to make Michael instantly aware that he was the Ulfric, or King of that particular clan. Michael had no idea for the reasoning of what he had just seen, but he knew that his girl was still in danger, because she was, somehow, involved in some way with those Lycans.


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