The Lost Sock

The Lost Sock

Tumbling, rolling, falling.

The sock could not tell you when it lost sight of its mate. She was there one minute, with her material clinging to his own. All of a sudden the pair were torn apart and one violent, and yet simple, motion. As the contact was lost between the two the sock heard himself scream.

They had been together through everything; from their creation to right that moment. He could only hope that they will be reunited one day.

This had happened once before, but a happy reunion had occurred when their owner had put them back together. His partner had told him a story of becoming entangled in a sheet made of pink. He had to admit that it sounded quite a harrowing tale, and he had been glad that he had not been the one subjected to that. Instead he had just drifted through the sea of water and then air before being placed on a windowsill, awaiting his mate.

With that happen again?

As he spiralled about the sock tried in vain to catch a glimpse of his mate. Then he realised that he could not see any of the other clothing around him.

Where was he?

He began to panic and wished that he could move on his own. There was never a foot inside you when you needed it most. Of course, he could not be worn on his own but he needed to his partner with him.

The same red wool had made them. They had been knitted that the owner by a loving grandmother, and that love had been passed into those socks. The owner adored them, and, as a direct consequence, they had been in the wash many a time. The fact that they had only been apart once before was nothing short of a miracle.

The sock felt a jolt as some of the wool got caught round something and pulled. He heard the tearing, and felt himself scream out again. Was it all really going to finish with the final blast of pain after the initial pain of separation? What was going to happen to his partner? He imagined her being tossed aside a useless thing without the partner, and if it had been possible he would have cried.

More tearing and then everything stopped.

A hand moved around him; setting him free. He was reunited with his partner, as celebrated as they were tied firmly together. His heart sang with a relief that was short lived when he heard the word, “Ruined,” before they were thrown into the trash.


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