Alice in Christmasland – a story for AMMC

Genre: Fantasy

Author Name: Angie Trafford

Ebook: Yes

Dedication: None

Alice In Christmasland

When Alice put the finishing touches on her Christmas tree (which meant putting the angel on the top) she could not help but wonder what Christmas was like for her friends back in Wonderland. The thing that got her thinking about this was the Caterpillar making its way slowly up the wall after climbing off the tree.


Well, it was her curiosity that had first got her into Wonderland, and so she began to wonder if this was her way back there.

But the Caterpillar was not blue, and nor was it smoking, so it could not be the same one. This was a silly thought to have, because how could it be the same one? Wonderland was in her imagination; her time in therapy had convinced her of this. Besides, the whole thing had happened years ago, when she had simply been a child.

But still, every now and then she wished that it had been real. Like today, as she sat under her Christmas tree. It was while she was having these thoughts that she closed her eyes for a moment and lent back against the wall.

“Well, are you coming or aren’t you?”

The question made Alice open her eyes to find herself staring into the pink eyes of a white rabbit. Not any ordinarily rabbit, as this one was wearing a waistcoat and tapping its paw on a large pocket watch. “You are real.”

“Enough of that. We are going to be so late, and you don’t want to miss Christmas, do you?”

“Where did you come from?”

“The door,” answered the rabbit impatiently. “Are you coming?”

Alice nodded her head, and without another word she followed the rabbit outside her little apartment. To her surprise there was a rabbit hole there. The rabbit gave her a small bottle, and she drank the contents without even considering what may be inside. She shrank down in size, and smiled at the rabbit. “I remember this.”

Down and down they went, and when they eventually rolled out at the bottom of the rabbit hole their clothes had changed. Alice was dressed in red and white, and the rabbit’s waistcoat was a red with white fur trim.

His watch remained in his hand though, and he frowned down at it. “We are so very late!”

“What are we late for?”

“Why, Christmas dinner of course.”

“But it is not even Christmas day,” Alice said in confusion. “It is not Christmas for another week.”

“You are forgetting where you are,” the rabbit replied. “Here in Wonderland Christmas falls on a different day, and that happens to be today. Are you going to keep asking me stupid questions, or are you going to come?”

Alice sensed that the rabbit was running out of patience, and so she made the motion of zipping her mouth shut to indicate her answer.

They walked through the woodland, on a path that seemed strangely familiar to Alice, in déjà vu way, until they reached the table laid out for Christmas dinner. At the head of the table sat the mad Hatter, to his left was the mad March Hare, and to his right there was the dormouse.


“Please,” Alice answered the mad Hatter as she took her seat down the table. “How can Christmas be on another day? I thought it was to do with the birthday of Jesus?”

“That would be simple, my dear,” the Hare replied. “Today is his un-birthday, and we celebrate that more than we do his actual birthday. You should remember that.”

“Indeed child,” stated that a wise voice from the greenery. When Alice turned and looked, she noticed the blue Caterpillar. “You should have found your way back here sooner.”

“You exist only in my head,” Alice said firmly. “You are simply figments of my imagination.”

“Then you must be mad,” another voice said. When Alice turned around she discovered a grin floating in front of her. Slowly the Cheshire cat appeared sitting on the table. “We are all mad here, so if you created us, then you must be completely mad.”

“Maybe I am.”

“We should ignore the silliness,” the mad Hatter said. “We should eat.”

“Without me? Insolence!”

Everybody automatically leapt to their feet at the entrance of the Queen. They all bowed their heads and mumbled a greeting: “Your Majesty.”

“Enough. It is Christmas, and you all have my permission to sit and eat.” The Queen looked about her and her eyes landed on Alice. “You girl, who are you?”


“Really? You have done some growing up since I saw you last, and you have changed.”

“And yet you are exactly the same as I remember you.”

“Thank you.”

“Nothing here has changed, it is all so perfect.”

The Queen of hearts smiled. “Well, come on everybody; let us eat to celebrate the un-birthday of baby Jesus.”

That is exactly what everybody did, and that is also the moment that everybody that Alice remembered joined the group. There was the dodo, Tweedledee, Tweedledum, the King, and even the card guards. Everybody was friends; this had to be what Christmas was actually about.

Alice wished that her family could put their arguments to one side just for one day, and have a dinner like this one.

Sadly, this was an un-birthday in Wonderland, and not real life.

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