the vampire warden by S.J.Wright – a review


In this story Sarah, the main character, finds out that she is a vampire warden. This means that she is in charge of looking after vampires who have, somehow, got on the wrong side of the Council. She actually gets to meet one of the vampires trapped inside the meadow. His name is Michael and her grandfather had written about the same one.

However, this is not the beginning of the story. The story begins with a mystery, which is always a good thing for the reader as it throws them into the story. The mystery here is that her mother (who she always thought died) is actually alive. Of course this means that both her and her sister were actually abandoned when they were young and left with their father. Sarah then has to work out whether or not to share this information with her sister.

At the same time that she learns about her mother she is given a journal that was started by her grandfather. She had always thought her grandfather was crazy, and to read his ramblings about looking after vampires, does little to dispel that memory.

Just then another mysterious stranger turns up in the form of Alex who is found injured. They take him in and use him as a handyman for the family ran bed-and-breakfast.

Quite quickly Sarah finds out that he was sent there by her mother. Alex tells her that her mother is a vampire and this was the reason why she had been abandoned. Alex goes on to confide that he is no longer a vampire because he had been granted the gift of returning to the mortal existence.

Sarah goes to talk to Michael about this and finds herself instantly attracted to him.

Before she has got a grasp of her new job members of the council arrive, and her sister is kidnapped by vampires demanding the release of Michael.

This is when the main action takes place, and Sarah learns a lot about herself, her new role, and other people involved around her.

This is the first book in a series, and as I quite enjoyed reading this, I am very likely to buy the next along to find out what happens. The story is relatively short and the character development is very fast. The story interesting, and is vague enough to keep the reader guessing. I would not go as far as to say that there was no detail within the book, it is all in balance.

I would recommend this to anybody who, like me, enjoys anything related to vampires (which is how I came across it), or likes the idea of two mysterious strangers.


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